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Our aim is to allow newer client versions to connect to older server versions. Just drag and drop it into the plugin folder and you’re done, see below if you use BungeeCord.

We suggest reading ourย Installationย page on our docs first, this will ensure everything is set up correctly.

Here’s what is supported (Newer versions on older servers):

Note: ViaVersion only supports newer versions, even on subversions!ย Useย ViaBackwardsย andย ViaRewindto allow older versions to connect.

Do you use BungeeCord?ย Ensure you have updated it first, you can use the plugin on all your backend servers OR BungeeCord. Compatibility is the best when on your backend servers.

Kicked for too many packets?ย We include a packet limiter if you need to disable this simply set the limits to -1 in the config.


  • All plugins you use should be made for the Bukkit version you are using.
  • Reloadsย are buggy, don’t report bugs if they break your server, just reboot.
  • Make sure yourย BungeeCord pluginsย are up to date & so is Bungee. (Also try removing SkinRestorer if disconnect issues if you use it)
  • BKCommonLibย does not work properly with ProtocolLib for 1.8.8, you can use my special versionย here.
  • Orebfuscatorย does not work properly with ProtocolLib for 1.8, you can use my special versionย here.

We love people supporting us, and it takes a huge amount of work, donateย here. (There are a few perks too)

TitanicFreak –ย MineSuperior
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Despawned –ย Mineteria
epicgamer133 –ย BreakingMCย 
HiveMC –ย HiveMCย 
AddstarMC –ย
iCaitlynYou? <3

How do I use this with BungeeCord? I’m getting outdated server issues?ย Have you checked you’ve updated BungeeCord

Can I use 1.7?
ย We don’t plan on supporting it due to the work involved. Useย ProtocolSupportย with ViaVersion on 1.8 server, though we don’t have copies of these (Buildย 388). Or preferably, ViaRewind + ViaBackwards.

Will you update to version 1.x?ย 
We plan to update as new Minecraft updates come out, yes.

I can’t use an item, block, feature from a newer version?!ย 
We aim to allow compatibility, we don’t intend to add new items, blocks.

Are you open source?ย

Can I donate to you? Sure,ย

I get a weird disconnect error?ย Try with no plugins, if it still persists report it to us. Otherwise, there is another plugin conflicting, remove plugins until it stops.

My players get kicked for sending too many packets?
ย If you use resource packs / have really laggy players it’s suggested to increase max-pps in the config. (Try doubling it until your players don’t have issues, it’s there to prevent spam exploits)

I need help!
ย See the section below, preferably join our discord.

What do all the config options mean?ย You can read our docsย here.

What are the commands?

/viaver list – Show what players are on what versions
/viaver autoteam – Toggle collision auto teaming, you may need to disable if you are getting bungee team issues.
/viaver dontbugme – Toggle the update notifier
/viaver pps – Show the packets per seconds for ported players.
/viaver debug – Useful for packet crashes and reporting, will show all packets on the console. Don’t used unless asked to.

(Use viaversion.admin for perms)

If you have a bug,ย click hereย and post it. If you’re a developer you are free to help us squash bugs at our GitHub:ย

How to get help?ย 
Join ourย Discord Serverย or use the Discussion tab above. We’ll announce new versions on our Discord.

You can also follow me on Twitter for updatesย @FormallyMyles.


Build Server:ย
Javadocs for our API:ย
Maven Repo:ย


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