We use this plugin to prevent DDOS Attacks, this works by touting our server thru around 200 other servers, not only does it prevent DDOS attacks by use of CNAME as appose to a a standard A Record but it serves as a reliable content delivery network for players over seas.

Highly available DDoS mitigation platform

Trusted by 2000+ player networks since 2015. Stay online no matter what threats face you. The ideal solution for gaming networks that demand low latency and 100% uptime.


Built for gaming networks that demand 100% uptime

Whether you face complex network layer attacks, or multi-vector layer 7 attacks involving query and handshake floods, these threats are mitigated thanks to our proprietary filtering and proxy software deployed across our edge.

  • Load Balancing

    Whether you have a single origin server, or hundreds in multiple datacenters, our proprietary proxying solution delivers traffic to the least-connected backend server.

  • Fault Tolerant

    If one of your backend servers crashes, it is automatically removed from the load balancer so your players can continue to enjoy your content.

  • Industry Leading Layer 7 Filtering

    Whether you are victim of a bot attacks, query floods, or fake session attacks, our advanced verification engine blocks even the most complex attack vectors.

  • Low Latency

    With connections to over 50+ internet exchange points, and peering with over 250+ networks we provide optimal routes for games that demand low latency and high reliability.


Unified Management

Trusted by some of the largest players in the space, including MineSuperior and VanityMC. Manage your service with our fully self-serve panel.

Simple Management

Adding a new server is as easy as specifying a domain and backend IP address, then pointing your protected CNAME record

Version Insights

View the most popular Minecraft versions your players have used over the past 7 days, and see when layer 7 attacks happen with our real-time graphs

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Our extensive guides will help you get your server provisioned on our network stress-free. If you need to talk to a human, we’re always here

For Everyone

Start protecting your network at no cost and join the secure platform entrusted by over 6,500 customers protecting their communities from formidable threats!

Get Protected

With our self-serve panel, you can get your server protected in as little as 5 minutes!

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