We use this plugin as a dependency for DieMucic which plays music when plyer dies and music, it plays back .nbs files (note Block Studio)

Play your favorite songs ingame!


Do you want official player? Then use this: NoteBlockMusicPlayer

Dev builds are available here

The original author is xxmicloxx. You can find his thread here.
For support use PM or join my Discord server.​


  • play .nbs files ingame as noteblock sounds
  • easy to use
  • uses multi threading
  • can play custom instruments via resource pack and pling

Plugins that use NoteBlockAPI
NoteBlockPlayer: play for certain or all players .nbs files
Pl3xPager: get your attention by playing .nbs files
McMusic: play .nbs files
icJukeBox: song selector with a fancy chest-gui
Dubstep Gun: use the power of Dupstep
JoinMusik: play a .nbs file for players that join your server
♪ Noteblock Worldguard ♪
ColorfulMix – music in lobby and arena
BattleMusic – play music when you fight with monters
Lasers Enigma

Instruments from 1.12 and 1.14 on 1.8 – 1.13 servers
By default they are simply skipped. You can enable them by using resource pack.

How to get .nbs
Download .nbs files
You can simply download a few songs here:
.nbs list or scroll down for another list

Convert .midi to .nbs
Use Minecraft Note Block Studio:
1. import your .midi file to Note Block Studio;
2. save the file as .nbs file in your plugin folder

How to use
See wiki on Github

GitHub (new)

GitHub (original)

Goldenflame2 – 10$ + 5€
John2k4 – 5$

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