Mineable Spawners

Source: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mineablespawners-1-8-1-16-silkspawners-alternative.59921/

We use this plugin to allow players to mine mob spawners they come across.

This plugin allows players to mine and drop spawners, receive them via command and more!

Note: any free resource will only be updated when I have nothing better to do. Please use the comment section or github issues to report bugs and make suggestions.

Current features:

  • Define if users can mine spawners.​
  • Change spawner types using /spawner (type).​
  • Give spawners to players using /spawnergive (player) (type) (amount).​
  • Disable spawner renaming in anvils.​
  • Define if users can change spawner types using spawn eggs.​
  • & more!​

Commands: Main command “/mineablespawners” or “ms”

  • “/ms give <player> <type> <amount>” => Give a player spawners.
  • “/ms set <mob>” => Set a spawner type by looking at it.
  • “/ms types” => List all available types.
  • “/ms reload” => Reload the configuration.


  • “mineablespawners.give” => Access to /ms give
  • “mineablespawners.set” => Access to /ms set
  • “mineablespawners.set.(type)” => Access to a specific type of mob in /spawner. Only applicable if require-individual-permission is set to true in the config.
  • “mineablespawners.mine” => Permission to mine a spawner.
  • “mineablespawners.mine.<type>” => Permission to mine a specific type of spawner.
  • “mineablespawners.nosilk” => Bypass the silk touch requirement when mining spawners.
  • “mineablespawners.eggchange” => Ability to change spawners by right clicking them with spawn eggs.
  • “mineablespawners.eggchange.<type>” => Access to specific types of mobs when using spawn eggs to change spawner types.
  • “mineablespawners.types” => List available entity types.
  • “mineablespawners.bypass” => Bypass spawner placing/mining requirements.


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