Marriage Reloaded

Marriage Reloaded



This is a plugin that allows you to marry in minecraft to get acces to special features.
Marriage was first created back inย december 2012ย 
I recently rebuilt marriage from scratch, being much faster with better database support and also allowing me to add new features more easily.


  • Marry in minecraft
  • PlotSquaredย auto-trust support
  • Set a shared home
  • Private chat
  • Gifts
  • Teleport
  • Genders
  • Share health
  • Married XP boost
  • Kissing!ย (both players must crouch and right click)
  • List all married couples
  • Automatic updates
  • Chat spying
  • Advanced configuration


/marryย – Display command help
/marry <player>ย – Request/accept a marriage
/marry chatย – Toggle private chat
/marry gender <gender>ย – Set your gender
/marry giftย – Gift the item you’re currently holding
/marry healย – Heal your partner with you own health
/marry sethomeย – Set your shared home
/marry homeย – Go to your shared home
/marry tpย – Teleport to your partner
/marry seenย – Check your partner’s last online

/marry updateย – Download updates if available
/marry chatspyย – Spy on private chat
/marry migrateย – Migrate your database


Dev Buildsย (Jenkins)
Source Codeย (GitHub)

pleaseย don’tย post bugs in your reviewsย :)
use discussion for that
I love reviews though <3

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