We use this simple plugin to easily add custom lore’s to items.
Loresย is a plugin that will allow server admins to change the name and lore of an item easily.
– Support to add multiple lores on items
– Support for lore colors.
– Change the name of a head.
– Change the name of an item.
– Change the lore of an item.
– Insert lines of lore into the lore of an item.
– Delete lines of lore from the lore of an item.
– Clear the lore of an item.

–ย /lore nameย <text> – Set the new name for an item.โ€‹

ย /lore ownerย <player name> – Change the owner of a head.
–ย /lore addย <text> – Add a line to the lore.
–ย /lore setย <line #> <text> – Change a line from the lore.
–ย /lore insertย <line #> <text> – Insert a line into the lore.
–ย /lore deleteย [line #] – Delete a line of the lore. (last line by default)
–ย /lore clearย – Clear all lines of the lore.
–ย /lore undoย – Undoes your last modification.
lores.loreย – Needed to modify an item’s lore
lores.nameย – Needed to modify an item’s name
lores.ownerย – Needed to modify an skull’s owner
lores.colorย – Needed to add color codes to lores/names
lores.formatย – Needed to add format codes to lores
lores.adminย – Parent node for all permissions

There are no requirements for runningย Lores.

There is no configuration for this plugin.

Loresย should work on every version from 1.7ย toย 1.12.

If you like what I did on this plugin, please donate me a cent or more atย twix_seby@yahoo.comย (PayPal), and I’ll add you at the Donators list.
What you need to do, is add your Spigot name in the donation text so I put you up. [PayPalย takes up some money for the donation, so if you donate something big, it will be perfect.] –ย ???ย [No one cares, yay!] –ย ???ย [No one cares, yay!] –ย ???ย [No one cares, yay!]

If you find any bugs, please do not give a bad review. Instead , just PM me about the bug and I’ll fix it. I’ll also add you to the next update title, if you reported the bug.
Please test this version and report any errors in PM/Discussions tab.
These versions are made for server use.

I am not open to suggestions.

Goal Pageย #3 [1,000ย ->ย 2,000]
1,000 – THIS IS INCREDIBLE! – Done!
1,100 – I can’t thank you guys enough. – Done!
1,200 – This was honestly the best thing ever. – Done!
1,300 – I thank you so much. – Done!
1,400 – This seriously is unbelievable. – Done!
1,600 – HOLY CRAP DUDE! – Done!
1,700 – … – Done!
1,800 – … –ย waiting…
1,900 – … –ย waiting…
2,000ย – … –ย waiting…


Youย –ย downloading thisย :)โ€‹
@Worlfyย –ย LoreAttributesRecodedย (thanks for the collab)

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