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We use this plugin to calm down the pillagers, they raid none stop without this plugin as a fix

Have you noticed in 1.14+ that Pillagers spawn at an extremely high rate around outposts? Yeah, it ain’t fun!

LessPillagers is very simple, it will cut down the amount of Pillagers that will spawn near outposts.

This plugin is very lightweight. Theres a config option to determine the max amount of Pillagers per outpost, the default value is 16, and I do not recommend setting it too low. The plugin doesn’t actually look for outposts it just counts the amount of pillagers near an attempted spawn. Setting this value too low may cause Pillager spawns across the world to be too low (ie: in raids)

– pillager-count: This is a simple command just to count the amount of Pillagers in a 100 block radius around you. It really serves no purpose I just added it for testing the Pillager count
– pillager-reload: Reload the config file.

– lesspillagers.command.count: This grants the user permission to run the pillagers-count command.
– lesspillagers.command.reload: This grants the user permission to run the pillagers-reload command.

– Please use the discussion tab for support

– I appreciate all reviews, but reviews used for support (ie: suggestions/bug reports) will be ignored.

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