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We use this plugin as an alternative to the game rule “Keep Inventory”, we use this because sometimes in obscure worlds inventory’s are lost on death.

KeepItems allows players to keep their items and/or experience when they die, whilst allowing fine-grained control via the permissions system.

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Quick setup

If you simply want all players to always keep their items and experience when they die, add the following to the permissions.yml file in the root directory of your Bukkit server:

  description: Allow players to keep their armour, their experience and all of their items when they die.
  default: true
    "keep-items.armor": true
    "keep-items.level": true
    "keep-items.progress": true
    "keep-items.cause.*": true
    "keep-items.entity.*": true
    "keep-items.item.*": true

For more information, please refer to the documentation below. If you need any help configuring the plugin, feel free to drop me a comment.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have all the correct permissions but when I die I still lose all of my items. Help!

Make sure you don’t have any other plugins installed that might interfere with the death/respawn process.

How do I configure this plugin so that players can only keep their items in a single world?

Use a multiworld permissions plugin (e.g. PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions, GroupManager), and only grant the KeepItems permissions in one world.

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