This is what we used to bind /WC to the Warp Clock players receive at First Join on FloydCraft


The plugin that converts an item click to a command execution


item2commandย allows you to convert an item click to a command execution. Example: A player right clicks on a compass the plugin will run the command /spawn for the player.


Command Description
/item2command Show information about item2command.
/i2cmd Alias forย /item2command.
/i2cmd help Show a list of plugins.
/i2cmd reload Reload the configuration file.
/i2cmd add <command> Add an item that executes a command on click. You have to hold the item you want to associate in your hand.
/i2cmd remove Remove an item that executes a command on click. You have to hold the item you want to associate in your hand.

Remember that you can use all the commands both either withย /item2commandย or withย /i2cmd.

%player% Variable

Since item2command versionย 0.4ย you can use theย %player%ย variable. You can just add this variable to a command when you bind it to an item. The variable will be replaced with the name of the player who clicks on the item.


General Permissions

Permission Description Permission forย /item2commandย andย /i2cmd. Permission forย /item2command helpย andย /i2cmd help.
item2command.reload Permission forย /item2command reloadย andย /i2cmd reload.
item2command.add Permission forย /item2command addย andย /i2cmd add.
item2command.remove Permission forย /item2command removeย andย /i2cmd remove.

Item Usage Permissions

Since item2command versionย 0.3ย you have to use permissions for each item.

Permission Description
item2command.STONE Permission to use a STONE. If a player who does not have this permission right clicks a STONE nothing will happen.

The same for every other item. You can find a list with the item namesย here.

You have problems with configuration? Take a look at theย videos!

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