Invisible item Frames

Invisible item Frames


We use this plugin to display our images that are placed on maps better, a good example of this can be seen in the hexagon world spawn.


 is, you guessed it. A simple plugin where you can toggle the visibility of Item Frames. No config needed apart from changing messages to anything you want!


  • Plug & Play. Just drop in the plugins folder.
  • Command to toggle Item Frame visibility.
  • Hex colors in supported Minecraft versions.
  • Edit Mode where you can right-click Item Frames to toggle visibility.
  • Commands to toggle an Item Frame you’re looking at.
  • Highly efficient with performance in mind since the start and highly optimized.
  • Supports protection plugins such as WorldGuard and GriefPrevention.



  • /ITF Basic command to show usage/help
  • /ITF Toggle Toggle the visibility of Item Frames (Bypassses protection plugins)
  • /ITF ToggleMode Toggle the editing mode where you can right-click Item Frames to toggle their visibility. (Supports protection plugins, so you can give this to players)


  • invisibleitemframes.command.toggle Permission to use /ITF Toggle
  • invisibleitemframes.command.togglemode Permission to use /ITF Togglemode
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