Friends V3

Friends V3



I really enjoy making my plugins for free but it would be great if you donate a little amount of Money and help to keep this resource for free:



To use my Friends3.0-Plugin on BungeeCord you have to install this Addon on your Proxy too.
Please keep in mind that this is only an addon and only works with my Friend-System.

Do me a favour and read this post carefully and ask me for help before posting a bad rating
Please post bugs, issues or suggestions in the “discuss-section”!


  • Install the ‘Friends3.0’ plugin on all Spigot-/Bukkitserver you want to use my Friend-System
  • Restart you Server and open the Config yml of your Spigot/Bukkit Server
    • Change “BungeeMode” to ‘true’
  • Open MySQL yml and fill out with your informations
  • Restart or reload your Server again
  • Set “BungeeCord” and IP-Forwarding in your Spigot yml on every Server to true
  • Put this addon on your Proxy and perform a restart
  • Navigate to the new generated pluginfolder and open MySQL yml
    • Fill out with your informations
    • Put in the SAME informations as you put in the MySQL yml of your Spigot-/Bukkitserver
  • Restart your Proxy again

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