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Source: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/disguisecraft

Tired of backwards EnderDragons? Upward looking chickens? Or some of the other bugs in MobDisguise? Ready to try something brand new? With DisguiseCraft we are taking a brand new approach on mob/player disguises by taking advantage of the advanced features released in the 1.1-R4 build of CraftBukkit!


  • Disguise asย any mob
    • This includes: babies, colored sheep, sized slimes/magmacubes, tamed/aggressive wolves with colored collars, tabby/tuxedo/siamese cats, saddled pigs, villager occupations, and charged creepers
      • Also unnatural slime/magmacube sizes: bigger, massive,ย godzilla
    • You can also set the disguise on fire andย hold blocksย as an Enderman
  • Disguise asย any player, including their skin, cape, andย in-chat name
    • The item you are holding and arm swings are shown
  • Disguise as certainย objects
    • This includes the vehicles: boat, minecart, poweredminecart, storageminecart
    • And the blocks: endercrystal, fallingblock (different materials)
  • No Spout necessary! Disguised players’ names are not shown in SpoutCraft (This is because the disguised player’s packets are not sent to other clients)
  • No Backwards EnderDragon! No messed up chicken head!
  • Permissions support (All popular permissions systems)
    • Multi-world permissions are supported
    • Granular player-disguise nodes
  • The player list doesn’t show players who are disguised in your world
  • Theย ability to see through disguisesย is given with a permission node (disguisecraft.seer)
  • Disguises can fool mobs too! (disguisecraft.notarget & disguisecraft.notarget.strict)
  • Item-pickup can be disabled while wearing a disguise
  • You can disguise orย undisguise other players
  • You can keep yourย disguise even after log outย (Activate in the config)
  • Utilizes theย Plugin Metricsย service
  • All of the commands haveย tab completion
  • Developer APIย to allow for plugin integration


Legend: <required> [optional]

  • /dย or /dis or /disguise [mobname/materialname]ย – Disguise as a mob or falling block of a given material (If no mob is given, the available disguises are listed) {also gives current disguise}
  • /d baby [mobname]ย – Disguise as a baby mob (If no mob is given, the current disguise is used)
  • /d <color> [sheep/wolf]ย – Disguise as a colored sheep or a wolf with a colored collar
  • /d charged creeperย – Disguise as a charged creeper
  • /d <tiny/small/big/bigger/massive/godzilla> [slime/magmacube]ย – Disguise as a specifically-sized slime or magmacube
  • /d <tamed/aggressive> [wolf]ย – Disguise as a tamed or aggressive wolf
  • /d <tabby/tuxedo/siamese> [ocelot]ย – Disguise as a tabby, tuxedo, or siamese cat
  • /d <saddled> [pig]ย – Disguise as a saddled pig
  • /d <donkey/mule/undead/skeletal> [horse]ย – Disguise as a horse type
  • /d <librarian/priest/blacksmith/butcher/generic> [villager]ย – Disguise as a villager with an occupation
  • /d infected [zombie]ย – Disguise as a villager zombie
  • /d wither skeletonย – Disguise as a wither skeleton
  • /d hold <block name/id #>ย – Hold blocks as an Enderman
  • /d <burning> [mobname]ย – Disguise as a burning form of any mob
  • /dย playerย <playername>ย – Disguise as a player
  • /d <nopickup/np>ย – Disable item pickup
  • /d <blocklock/bl>ย – Locks your disguise to the center of the block you’re in
  • /d <noarmor/bl>ย – Makes your armor not show on your disguise
  • /d <send/s> <playername/*>ย – Send your disguise to another player (or everybody)
  • /uย or /undis or /undisguise [playername/*]ย – Undisguise yourself or another player (or everybody)
    These commands can all also be run from the console. You just need to specify the player name right after the /d or /u.

Permission Nodes:

Defaulted group in parenthesisย (Note: Defaults are overriden by the ‘*’ permission)

  • disguisecraft.* – Has all DisguiseCraft privileges (Nobody)
  • disguisecraft.other.* – Can use any of the disguise commands affecting others (Op)
    • disguisecraft.other.disguise – Can disguise other players
    • disguisecraft.other.undisguise – Can undisguise other players
  • disguisecraft.seer – Can see nametags through disguises (Nobody)
  • disguisecraft.notarget – Is not targeted by mobs while disguised as one (Everybody)
    • disguisecraft.notarget.strict – Not targeted even after attacking the mob (Op)
  • disguisecraft.player.* – Can disguise as any player (Op)
    • disguisecraft.player.<playername> – Can disguise as the specified player
  • disguisecraft.mob.* – Can disguise as any mob (Op)
    • disguisecraft.mob.<mobname> – Can disguise as the specified mob
    • disguisecraft.mob.<mobname>.baby – Can disguise as baby form
    • disguisecraft.mob.sheep.color.* – Can disguise as a sheep of any color
    • disguisecraft.mob.creeper.charged – Can disguise as a charged creeper
    • disguisecraft.mob.<slime/magmacube>.size.* – Can disguise as any size slime or magmacube
    • disguisecraft.mob.wolf.<tamed/aggressive> – Can disguise as either a tamed or aggressive wolf
    • disguisecraft.mob.wolf.collar.* – Can disguise as a wolf with a colored collar
    • disguisecraft.mob.ocelot.cat.* – Can disguise as any type cat
    • disguisecraft.mob.pig.saddled – Can disguise as a saddled pig
    • disguisecraft.mob.enderman.hold – Can hold blocks as an Enderman
    • disguisecraft.mob.horse.type.* – Can be any horse type
    • disguisecraft.mob.villager.occupation.* – Can disguise as a villager of any occupation
    • disguisecraft.mob.zombie.infected. – Can disguise as an infected zombie (zombie villager)
    • disguisecraft.mob.skeleton.wither – Can disguise as a wither skeleton
  • disguisecraft.object.* – Can disguise as any object
    • disguisecraft.object.vehicle.* – Can disguise as any vehicle
      • disguisecraft.object.vehicle.<vehiclename> – Can disguise as the specified vehicle
    • disguisecraft.object.block.* – Can disguise as any block entity
      • disguisecraft.object.block.<blockname> – Can disguise as a specific block entity (TNTPrimed, EnderCrystal, FallingBlock)
        • disguisecraft.object.block.fallingblock.material – Can disguise as a FallingBlock of any material
  • disguisecraft.burning – Can have burning disguises
  • disguisecraft.nopickup – Can use the “/d nopickup” command
  • disguisecraft.blocklock – Can use the “/d blocklock” command
  • disguisecraft.noarmor – Can use the “/d noarmor” command

How to use:

  1. Put Disguisecraft andย http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/protocollib.1997/ย in your plugins folder
  2. Restart your server
  3. Disguise! (e.g. /disguise Creeper)
  4. Run around scaring your friendssssssssssssss


Useful Links

Planned or ToDoย <== Put suggestion comments over here!
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
Dev Builds (Jenkins)ย <== Contains the latest DisguiseCraft builds!
JavaDocsย andย Source Code

Plugins Utilizing the API:

How to negate the disguisecraft.seer node with PermissionsEx

Or, how to make it so that you don’t see the nametag of the person inside of the disguise!

  1. Open up your permissions yml file
  2. Add the permission node “-disguisecraft.seer” to the group that is seeing the double disguises!
  3. Do /pex reload ingame.

Example pex file:

      rank: '1'
    - -disguisecraft.seer
    - '*'
Project Page Notices: (Please Read)
  • Be sure to read ourย Frequently Asked Questionsย section.
  • Report errors using the ticket system and be sure that you are using this plugin with the CraftBukkit build that it supports.ย Any error reported in the comment area may be deleted and ignored.ย Also make sure to check your tickets often and report in when a build or release has fixed the issue.
  • We will only release for stable CraftBukkit builds. Do not report errors when using our plugin with a build it was not listed to support. Because we need to recompile for each specific build, you will only ever see versions for CraftBukkit Dev builds in our jenkins.

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