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Client Stats [Removed]

The plugin is in beta. Please report any bugs in the discussion!
Want to run this on Bungee? Here you are!โ€‹
Did you ever asked yourself how many players joined your server since startup ? And what is the most used version ? The average playtime ? Then this plugin is what you need ![โ€‹IMG]To use version detection, your server has to accept multiple versions of Minecraft, but it’s not mandatory. To accept different versions, you can use one of these:
ViaVersion (use latest)
ProtocolSupport (use latest)
– Spigot protocol hack (1.7/1.8)[โ€‹IMG]

No configuration is needed, just drag and drop the file ClientStats.jar into your plugins folder. A config will be created, that you can edit to change all the messages as your needs.

The base command is /clientstats, but there are shorter alias: /cstats, /cs or /scs.

Command list:
/cstats stats – Statistics of the day
/cstats version – Versions of player who joined
/cstats online – Versions of currently online players
/cstats player [player] – Version of a player
/cstats reset – Reset tracked stats
/cstats reload – Reload configuration
/cstats – Display theses commands

You only need the following permission to access to every commands of the plugin: clientstats.admin

Also, to be excluded from statistics, you need to have this permission: clientstats.exempt

But you can give only access to some parts with these permissions:

Developper API
Use ClientStats API to access to stats, or get protocol/version name of a player. After adding ClientStats.jar to your build path, fetch API like that:

Code (Java):
// Get ClientStatsAPI
ClientStatsAPI cstats = ClientStats.getApi();
// Check if it is useable
if (cstats != null && cstats.isVersionDetectionEnabled()) {
// Get a player
Player p = Bukkit.getPlayer(“Notch”);
ย  // Get his protocol version (e.g.: 47)
int protocolVersion = cstats.getProtocol(p.getUniqueId());
ย  ย  // Get the version name (e.g.: “1.8 – 1.8.9”)
ย  String versionName = cstats.getVersionName(protocolVersion);

See Github project for sources and API.

Bugs & suggestions
Do NOT use reviews for bugs or suggestions, but please post it in discussion with many details as needed :)

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