list of all hacks that are now blocked as of 18th April 2021

This is a list of all cheat detected and a description of what it is.

AirJump :
Allow to jump on the air.

AirPlace :
Allow to place block on air or next to liquid (instead of replace liquid).

Anti-Knockback / Velocity / KB-Reduceur :
Allow you to don’t flinch when you get hitting with object enchanted knockback . Feared in pitchout but very easy to see. Warning: some people don’t move because of lag, because it’s the player that send his position, so the server wait where the player got.

AntiPotion :
Remove bad potion effect like poison or blindness. Info: The player send packet according to the time of the potion effect. This say to the server to pass the time, and so remove the effect.

AutoClick :
Manage client click. Some client can just do like the player have 12 CPS constant (real player can do it also, so undetectable), but other allow just to go up to 20 CPS. Nb: CPS = Click Per Second.

AutoSteal :
Allow player to quickly edit inventory.

Blink :
Fake lag. Allow player to get teleported thanks to lag.

Chat :
Detect spam.

Critical :
Allow to always do critical damage, even on the ground without jumping.

FastBow :
Shoot a lot of arrow in no much time. Visible with the lag make by the player (spawn of many entities) and if you are spectate his inventory, you will see his bow self destruct.

FastEat / AutoEat :
Eat item instantly (and change slot of hand). Usually use in quick combat.

FastLadder :
Make the player moving very quickly when moving up on ladders.

FastPlace / FastBreak :
Place or break block faster than normal player.

FastStairs :
Equivalent of ‘SpeedHack’ but for stairs.

Fly :
Allow player to fly. Some cheat make the player moving too fast, so it can be detected as Speed. There is also FlyNCP to fly on server who have NoCheatPlus plugin.

ForceField / KillAura :
In Negativity, both are together, but there is a different between us

KillAura make the player rotating to attack the player, and sometimes it contains “Reach” to hit someone at 5 or more blocks. ForceField simplify the attack. It allow to hit multiple entities at the same times without looking her.

GroundSpoof :
Fake ground value of player to prevent fall damage or other features. Used for NoFall, Fly …

InventoryMove :
When you walk/sprint, you can open and click on your inventory (and always walk/sprint).

Jesus / WaterWalk :
Allow to walk or jump on water.

NoFall :
Remove damage effect from falling. Normally, everytime that your falling, your “fall damage” increase. This cheat don’t do that.

NoPitchLimit :
You can look 360° around you (in all direction)

NoSlowDown :
Move on soul sand like on basic blocs.

NoWeb :
Make you walk on cobweb exactly like on ground

Nuker :
Remove lot of block around her at the same time.

PingSpoof :
Fake the player ping.

Phase :
Make you walking ON blocks (or pass through it).

Regen :
Regen faster. Work exactly like AntiPotion.

Scaffold :
Make you placing block just behind you, but without looking it.

Sneak :
Allow you to sneak but you are moving as quickly as if you wasn’t sneaking

Speed :
Move faster.

Spider :
Allow you to walk on a wall like you walk on ground.

Step :
Teleport player on player, like if they have jump, but more than 1 block.

Timer :
Make the player game faster. Exactly like the player was in temporal loop, which make it does 1 minute in 10 seconds for other

XRay :
You only see diamond, emerald, iron, gold, restone and lapis (and other important block like spawner or new ore). All other blocks are just transparent.

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