How to rank up on Floydcraft

How to rank up on Floydcraft

In order to earn ranks on floydcraft you need to play and build. The more you build and play the more chance you have at earning one of the many ranks.

The ranks are as followed…

  •  New
  • Survival
  •  Adv (Advanced)
  •  Pro
  •  VIP
  •  MLG
  • Donator
  •  Mod
  •  Admin
  • Owner (this rank is not obtainable as it is for rmellis and Tallulah95 only)

When a new player joins the server they are automatically given the New rank, to rank up from this rank you need to play for 1hr. Once you have reached the 1hr mark you will be promoted to Survival rank.

Once on Survival rank you will have access to a few more commands than new had. To reach Adv you need to have a good build. We normally tell people that it needs to be a two story house with lots of decorations these can be things such as flowers , tables ,chairs(stairs can all be used as actual seats), Item frames, painting and other things. The bigger the build the more chance you will earn the next rank. If you have a personal farm these will also count towards your build for a rank. Once Rmellis and Tallulah95 have checked a build they will decide if it needs more work or if you are ready to advance to the next rank Pro.

To get ranks past Pro all your need to do is build and play get Rmellis and Tallulah95 to check your builds they will tell you how much progress you have towards your next rank.

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