? Basic Server Rules

FloydCraft Premium” #Rules
In order to rank up  you need to follow the rules. The rules are as followed ….
• If you ask for creative or op it will take you longer to rank up than other players
• No asking for items, player are not allowed to give items out
• No using CAPS in public chat (can be using in private messages but dont over use them)
• Builds in the plot world do not count towards ranks
• No claiming over peoples factions unless they are declared an enemy (must be a valid reason for them been declared and enemy)
• No unclaiming other people factions (unless they are an enemy)
• No swearing on the server, or in the web chat on the website ( if you swear you will be muted)

To Rank to ADV you need the following
-Must have at least 2 floors
– Must be decorated this includes things such as chests, bed, furnaces, item frames, paintings, coloured floors(using wool and dyes), table and chairs plant pots, flowers, and any other items you can think of to decorate your home.

– personal farms and gardens (this is optional but would be nice to include) if you include these then you will be ranked up to adv. In order to keep ranking up however you need to follow the following
– Keep building and think big !! the bigger the better.
– Get your builds checked by admin and above
– Keep playing the longer you play for the more you can rank up
-Watch your language, some swearing is fine but no excessive bad language

– No giving ANY items to other players ( this is because we don’t know if its from ur gmc or from when u have played in gms)
– No going past speed 5, speed 5 is the top sped you can use if you go over this you will lose VIP rank

Mod Rules
Been a Mod is a important part of the server and you have jobs to do as well as more rules to follow, First jobs you jobs are the following Jobs – Muteing players that are been abusive, swearing – You must give them at least 2 warnings before muteing. – Keeping the peace – help players sort out there differnces – Help the Owners and Admins – guide the New players – Help the players out and answer any questions they may have – Ban any players who do the following – Advertise a server, Use any of the banned words which you can find at the bottom of this email.(when a player advertises please use the command /cc ) (it clears the chat so people cant see what they have put however you MUST get screen shots before doing this) Rules – When u ban a player u must send evidence of what the player did ie screen shots must be provided we also need the players full username and there ip as we have a ban book that all banned players go into so we know when people come back who shouldnt, as well as this when you ban a player u must mute them first then ban the ip then ban the player name if it wont let you ban the name it is fine as me and rmellis will do it when we have the name and screen shots just tell us that it didnt let u ban the username. – No giving out any items – No going above speed 5 – No abusing any commands or the power you have been given – U MUST provide screen shots of all insodents this includes bans, mutes and any other altercations u think we need to know about Banned words (sorry if any offend you ) – Nigger -Faggot – Fag Anything that is offence to people One more thing dont forget to have fun if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also please send evidence to this email = rmellis@m.floydcraft.co.uk

 Admin Rules
These are the rules for Admins in FloydCraft if you break these rules there will be consequences such as been demoted and losing the admin privileges and rank.
NO big world edits
• No spamming commands – this can cause lag and the server to crash or not respond! (such as slap command) Same rules as MOD ranks NO Giving players ranks
• Do not do world edits for other players you can only do it for your self, if you do use it for anyone else you will lose the ability to use it.
• No giving players ranks only Tallulah95 and Rmellis can do this!!!!
• No Deranking players (unless told too) again Rmellis and Tallulah95’s job only
• Same rules for banning players always do the ip then the player name, if the player is been abusive mute them before banning them! So they cant keep doing what they are doing. Then send Screen shots to me and rmellis along with the players full name and there ip
• No setting command blocks up for other players only Rmellis and Tallulah95 can do this.
• No giving players permissions only Rmellis and Tallulah95 can do this.

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