FloydCraft 1.12 Premium Web

We have a New website which includes our old website and this website, this way we have a website for both servers, we also offer some services e.g. eMail, Knolege Database and more.. This server is currently still in development however it is comeing together well with few bugs left, we have baught MCMMO and EpicWorld so far and will probly buy more in the future, The Currency will be Gold - Floyd same as the 1.5.2 server but at the moment our econimy system isnt working so we will be useing villagers for traiding until we successfully recompile the leftover parts of FloydBot from the 1.5.2 server, Factions and Dynmap are also on here and the Essentials command set which gives you all the same commands you have in 1.5.2 e.g. /back /sethome /tpa ect.. If you won a free Premium Account from us and would like to see a more modern floydcraft then log in here and see the future of FloydCraft before its fully ready to go at floydcraft.co.uk:25512 🙂


Floyd Craft at CubedCon

This year we have been accepted to have a booth at CubedCon!!! For those who don't know what Cubed is, it’s a gathering for servers from all over the world to come together over Weekend along with players and explore the other servers there are to offer. Each server that apply and succeeds can buy a booth to advertise there server from. There are fun event’s to go to during the time that are featured on YouTube (by some of the popular YouTubers)and Twitch. Players that have won the premium accounts will be able to attend this year along with those players that have premium accounts of there own. We look forward to as many of our player attending as possible. We will give you the dates closer to the time of the event so everyone knows when it is and the ip for it too :) The entire event will be broadcast via twitch, If you still don’t understand CubedCon is a part of MineCon, its the Ingame Version by the same people. www.cubedcon.com The Event will be in Minecraft 1.12.1


New sections on the Website

We have now added a crafting page and skin editing page to the website. The crafting page gives you detailed plans to craft items for those who haven't played minecraft much or are new to the game we hope this helps. The skin editor allows you to upload your skin and edit it to change things about the ski its nice and simple to use and is easy to save your designs you can also design from scratch and create a complety new skin for your self to use.



If any of our player encounter any issuse please can you in for an Owner if they are on this is Rmellis or Tallulah95 otherwise please post in the forum on the website as we check this everyday and would like to knw of any issuse players are having with anything we also advice that they look at the FAQ page of the website as the problem they are having maybe on there. We would also like very much to get your opinions on thing and what if anything our players would want adding such as games or plugins. We will look into each suggestion as we appreciate your suggestions. Thanks. 🙂


New Worlds

Attention everyone we would like to announce the arrival of new worlds as any of you already know we have a custom nether. This means that there is more things to explore and more loot to gain from the ruins along with giant mushrooms. From this we have now added another custom world! The City World complete with roads, sewers, bridges and even trains! This world is for grieving this mean that anything here is up for grabs, all the buildings are made from different resources and there are farms to loot and even chests to find hidden in buildings and around the different areas. There are also tents to find in the wilderness of the big citys and they also contain cool loot however be careful where you step as some of them maybe be boobie trapped.