In order to rank up to adv you need to follow the rules on building a house. The rules are as followed ....

-Must have at least 2 floors

- Must be decorated this includes things such as chests, bed, furnaces, item frames, paintings, coloured floors(using wool and dyes), table and chairs plant pots, flowers, and any other items you can think of to decorate your home.

- personal farms and gardens (this is optional but would be nice to include) if you include these then you will be ranked up to adv. In order to keep ranking up however you need to follow the following

- Keep building and think big !! the bigger the better.

- Get your builds checked by admin and above

- Keep playing the longer you play for the more you can rank up

-Watch your language, some swearing is fine but no excessive bad language

- if you ask for gamemode 1 or admin it will take you longer to rank up than other players