Click below to Donate to Floydcraft, all money will go towards server upgrades and Premium Accounts, you will recive the donator rank with any ammount donated (unless we hate you) the more you donate the more powers you will get for the longer ammount of time. We put most the money donated to Premium Accounts which we give 1 of them away every month to a random player who ranks up, plays well, is a nice person and dosent have a MC Account. (we often give away more often than that!)

Donator Player Name Donation
xjoostyx £5.00
HoveringDude16 £3.24
Anonymouse £5.00
Anonymouse £2.50
Geoff79 - High Power Phisical Server Donation worth: +/- £300
Tallulah95 - Minecraft Accounts (Bulk) -£60
rmellis - Minecraft Accounts (Bulk) -£60
specialk £5.00
Puffball_Plus £10.00
Total £210.74

These are the Donations so farfor 2017 - 2018, further donations will apear here

see Free Premium Accounts Page for a list of accounts we have supplyd to people so far for free just for playing
We host a Premium server for the players that get the accounts on it is a 1.12.2 Premium server running Via Backwerds so 1.9 - 1.12 can join, we do this so that Everyone can have Full access to Minecraft even if they cannot aford it for them selvs, we aim to eventualy faze out cracked servers by supplying everyone with a MC account a month at a time for as long as we can.