Blahgamer22 Baned Usernames and Baned IP's

Username IP Address
Blahgamer22 /

This Player came on the server a while back claiming he was 32 and played for a few weeks, he appeared normal at first but after seeing private messages on the server to other players we kept an eye on him, we had a report from a player he was messaging them inappropriately and we went thru the week logs to find his messages and saw some disturbing things he has been saying to other players that strongly suggest he is a pedophile, We do not allow any pedos to play here and he has been banned on every IP and username he joined on, He keeps changing it and coming back with different usernames and IP addresses, he is using IP's in the same range most of the time but the range covers an entire Internet Service Provider and would possibly ban other players aswell, We are working on MAC Address blocking but until then keep a look out for any of these names or IP's, If an IP in this range joins it will show in /seen <player> you can report this to us asap and we will deal with it, the ban list should work for all these names and IP's but if they ever fail every player has permission to ban these names only. Any names that looks similar should be reported also. We didn’t want to have to put this information up public but he kept coming on as different IP's and users so we had to make you all aware of him, if he continues to attempt to get in we will send a large report to his ISP Internet service provider and to every IP host company he has ever used an IP address from.