Welcome to floydcraft’s Q and A page
This post/page is here to help those new to the server and new to Minecraft. Everyone is treated fairly and must rank up according with the rules (see the Rules page for details) this page has our frequently asked questions on as we might be busy or unavailable you can use this page to answer your questions. Thanks Tallulah95 and Rmellis (The owners of Floydcraft)

How do I rank up?
Simply follow the rules the rules explain how to get to adv (the lever after new) from there all you need to do is keep playing there is lots to do as we now have a mob arena with great prizes! Parkour is coming soon as is spliff as well as you need to build the bigger the better be adventurous and original there are no wrong builds just keep going.
It takes time and effort to rank up.

Can I get game mode 1?
Yes however only when you become a vip, mod or admin. You must earn one of these ranks in order to obtain game mode 1. There are NO exceptions!!
People coming on and asking constantly for vip, game mode 1, to be opped or mod or admin WILL NOT get what they are asking for and WILL take longer to rank up than others.

Can you build my house?
If the owners (Rmellis Tallulah95) any of the admins or mods help you then you wont rank up as fast as everyone else.

How do I craft?
We have a very helpful page for people who are unsure how to craft wether new to minecraft and cant remember the different methods of crafting please take a look at .. cdn.floydcraft.co.uk/crafting

Can I have blocks to build my house with?
We do give some to most players to get them started off but there is also mining and a full city world where everything is for the taking including hidden loot in most building and under the city in the maze of the sewers and the mines. If you are wanting some different materials why not try our custom end and see what treasures you can find hidden there? Or try our custom nether which contains both nether world ores and normal world ores. So theres are lots of places to get building materials from.